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Multi-Channel Fulfillment is now automatically shipping in unbranded packaging at no additional cost. Check the MCF performance dashboard to learn more (login required).


Get answers to frequently asked questions about Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

Getting Started

Getting started
How do I sign up for Multi-Channel Fulfillment?
If you are not an Amazon seller and you want to start using MCF, sign up here. If you are an existing Amazon seller and have a Seller Central account, there is no sign up required. Learn how to place your first order here.
Do I need to be an Amazon seller to use Multi-Channel Fulfillment?
No. MCF is open to all businesses, whether or not you sell on Amazon. If you do not have an Amazon Seller Central account, you can sign up for MCF here.
What is the difference between FBA and MCF?
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to fulfill orders placed on Amazon while Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) fulfills orders on any of your channels including your own website. Read more about the differences in our blog.
Can I use my current FBA inventory to fulfill Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders?
Yes. If you are an Amazon seller using FBA, your inventory can be used to serve both Amazon customers and customers from your MCF sales channels. Learn more about consolidated inventory and the other benefits that MCF provides for Amazon sellers.
How does MCF impact my Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score?
The IPI score measures how efficient and productive you are in managing your FBA inventory. Multiple factors could influence your IPI score. However, an important one is your actions to maintain a balanced inventory level between sold and on-hand inventory and avoid excess inventory (overstock). Using MCF to improve sell-through can help avoid excess inventory, increasing your ability to achieve a strong IPI score.
Is Amazon a third-party logistics (3PL) provider?
Yes. One of Amazon’s businesses – Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) – is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that offers best-in-class, reliable, and cost-effective order fulfillment solutions. MCF empowers businesses to leverage Amazon’s fulfillment network and expertise to power their growth beyond To learn more, read our guide to 3PL services.
Is MCF offered in other countries?
Yes. MCF is available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Does MCF provide services for Public Sector customers?
Yes. Public Sector customers are using MCF today. To receive more information about how public sector customers and partners can use MCF, contact us.
Will Amazon share my data with other companies?
No. Amazon collects data needed to provide distribution and fulfillment services and strictly prohibits use of non-public, seller-specific data beyond enabling us to perform the services.
Does MCF participate in any sustainability initiatives?
MCF, as a part of Amazon, is committed to building a sustainable business for customers and the planet. Amazon has eliminated 1 million tons of packaging since 2015, and plans to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025. In 2019, Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge, a commitment to be net-zero carbon by 2040. To reach this goal, Amazon has undertaken initiatives targeting packaging, renewable energy, and transportation. Learn more about these and other initiatives.
Can I tell my customers that their orders are fulfilled by Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment and is there a badge I can add to my website?
Yes, improve conversion at checkout with the "Fulfilled by Amazon" badge. You can also use the statement "Fulfilled by Amazon" on your website to improve your customers' checkout experience and decrease shopping cart abandonment. Use of the Fulfilled by Amazon badge is subject to Amazon Trademark Guidelines.
What happens if the ecommerce channel that I use does not allow me to use MCF to fulfill orders?
MCF offers unbranded packaging and the ability to block Amazon Logistics to meet requirements for different ecommerce channels. If you come across a channel that blocks your ability to use MCF, we recommend you submit an appeal through their account manager, ecommerce Seller Performance Team (i.e. Trust & Security), or their leadership with the following:
  • An overview of the benefits your customers are gaining from your utilization of MCF (i.e. faster shipping to customers, etc.)
  • Proof of enrollment in unbranded packaging and blocking Amazon Logistics (i.e. screen shots).
    • To get a screenshot of your unbranded packaging usage, go to your dashboard in Seller Central (login required).
    • To get a screenshot of blocked Amazon Logistics, go to the top right of Seller Central and click the gear icon. Then select “Fulfillment by Amazon” which will bring you to your “Fulfillment by Amazon Settings” page. Find the setting under “Multi-Channel Fulfillment Settings”. Learn more about blocking Amazon Logistics here.
  • Any other mechanisms used to be compliant (i.e. screenshot of your integration you use)

Shipping & Packing

Shipping and packing
Can I ship out FBA Small and Light items using MCF?
Yes, items that are enrolled in Small and Light are eligible to be fulfilled by MCF. Small and Light shipments will be charged based on the MCF rate card. Go to the pricing page to download the rate card.
What delivery speeds does Multi-Channel Fulfillment offer?
Sellers can select Standard (3-5 business days), Expedited (2 business days) and Priority (1 business day) delivery speeds.
How soon do orders ship once an order has been placed?
For orders submitted against on-hand inventory (i.e. inventory that is received and stowed in a fulfillment center), Standard speed orders will ship within 2 business days. Expedited and Priority speed orders will ship by the next business day. No matter which speed you need, MCF will strive to ensure you deliver your orders on time. Learn more about how a 3PL like MCF can help your ecommerce business keep your delivery promises to customers.
What packaging does Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders use?
Businesses using MCF can fulfill orders from their off-Amazon sales channels in unbranded packaging at no additional fee. The packaging materials that we use – including boxes, tape, and polybags – do not contain any Amazon branding.

As a seller using MCF, your orders will be automatically sent out in unbranded packaging. You can check your performance dashboard (login required) in Seller Central to see what percentage of your orders are shipped in unbranded packaging. Note that – as of December 2022 – MCF’s unbranded packaging feature does not include non-sortable inventory that exceeds 18 x 14 x 8 in and/or 20 lb.
How do I track my Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) orders?
Locate your MCF orders via the "Orders" tab in Seller Central. If the order has been placed but has not been shipped, there will be a “Latest ship date” and “Latest delivery date” under “Order Details”. Once the order has been shipped, the status of the order will change to “Shipped”, and you will be able to see a “Ship date” and a “Carrier estimated delivery date”. You will also be able to see the tracking number associated with the shipment, along with a link to the tracking website that contains real-time updates on the shipment, regardless of carrier. Once the order has been delivered, the status will be updated to “Delivered” and the “Delivery date” will be displayed. Learn more about tracking your MCF order.
How do I cancel an MCF order once it has been placed?
You can cancel any MCF order until the shipping label has been generated. Click the "Cancel" button in the Order Details page for the order. You are not charged for MCF orders that are successfully canceled before they ship. If some of the items in an order have shipped, charges for the shipped items apply. If you need seller support with order cancellation, contact us. Learn more about cancelling your MCF order.
Where do I go to get support with an existing order?
You can check order delivery, request reimbursement, or report other issues with your order here.
Can I use Multi-Channel Fulfillment to fulfill international orders?
MCF has the largest fulfillment network in the world, with 150 fulfillment centers in the US and 175 globally. Currently, MCF only supports international fulfillment for media products (books, music, videos, and DVDs). Note that export orders have separate fulfillment fees. Please see FBA Export fees to learn more.

Returns & Reimbursements

Returns & Reimbursements
How are Multi-Channel Fulfillment returns processed?
You can choose to return items back to Amazon fulfillment centers, or follow your existing returns process.

Shipping products back: When a customer contacts you to initiate a return, you have the choice of asking the customer to ship the return back to Amazon. By electing to ship products back to Amazon, the return can be incorporated back into your Amazon inventory.

Steps to initiate a return to Amazon
- Navigate to Manage Orders screen in Seller Central. In the Order ID search box, enter the MCF Order ID and click on Search. Click on the Order ID hyperlink available under Order Details column
- On the Multi-Channel Fulfillment Order Details page, Click on the "Return" tab
- Select the return quantity for the item(s) your customer wants to return
- Indicate the return reason for the item(s)

The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form will be generated. The RMA contains the below two sections:
The Return Mailing Label is a label that contains the address of the Amazon fulfillment center that will be receiving and processing the return. Ask your customer to affix the label on their return package to return back to Amazon. Note: Postage is not provided on the return mailing letter. You or the customer are responsible for purchasing and producing the return label back to Amazon.

The Return Authorization Slip is a form that contains a barcode and item description for the products being returned. The slip must be included inside the return package alongside the items.
Additional details on MCF returns can be found here.

Receiving Returns: When a return is received at the Amazon warehouse, our associates validate the state of the product. If it’s deemed to be in a sellable condition, we incorporate the unit back into your Amazon inventory. If the unit is unsellable, you must follow Amazon removals procedure to receive the defective product. Please read more about the required removal process here.

Customer Refund: For MCF orders, because order placement and payment occurred outside of Amazon, you are responsible for refunding the customer.

Checking Return Status: After initiating a return, check the "Return Status" tab within the Order Details page to view details on the return, or use the customer returns report by entering the MCF Order ID in the Amazon Order ID attribute and setting the Event Date as last 365 days. The page will indicate if the return has been received by Amazon, and what the disposition of the item is.
Does Amazon customer service handle MCF orders?
No. You are responsible for providing customer service for your MCF orders. This includes handling delivery inquiries and requests for replacements, refunds, and returns.
What if the MCF order never reaches my customer?
If an order is not delivered, contact Seller Support to initiate a reimbursement for the lost item. The reimbursement amount is calculated according to the FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy. Amazon reimburses you, not the customer. It is your responsibility to resolve the issue with the customer. To send a replacement item from your inventory, submit a second MCF order for a replacement order.
How do I receive a reimbursement for lost/damaged orders to my customer?
Amazon and carrier at fault:
If Amazon accepts responsibility for the damage, you can submit a reimbursement request. You have up to 90 days after the promised delivery date to submit your claim for any lost or damaged items on your MCF orders. If you process the return yourself, provide photos of the damaged item when you submit your request. If Amazon processed the return, you will be reimbursed in accordance with the FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy and related FBA Service Terms of the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

Amazon and carrier not at fault: For any damage that occurs after an order is delivered, you must determine whether you will refund or exchange an item. Amazon does not take responsibility for defective items or items that are damaged when not under the control of the fulfillment center or the partner carrier. If an item is damaged and Amazon or the carrier is not at fault, you may want to have the merchandise sent to you directly, instead of back to a fulfillment center.

Note: Amazon does not offer reimbursements for MCF fulfillment orders that were created to fulfill a non-customer order. For examples, leveraging MCF to ship inventory back to your own warehouse. To qualify for a reimbursement, please create a standard removal order.

Learn more about the most common causes of damaged goods and packaging, and how a 3PL like MCF can help you prevent these issues from happening in the future.


How are fulfillment fees calculated?
Shipping cost calculations are based on dimensions, weight, product size, and shipping speed. MCF is pay as you go, with no long-term contracts.
Is there a discount on multi-unit orders?
Yes. MCF offers up to 50% discounts on multi-unit orders. Orders are discounted based on five tiers. Go to the pricing page to learn more and download our rate card.
MCF fees have been recently updated. When did these changes take effect?
The new fulfillment fees took effect on January 19, 2023.
Are there long-term storage fees?
Yes. Long-term storage fees apply to units that have been stored in an Amazon fulfillment center for more than 365 days. The long-term storage fee is in addition to the monthly inventory storage fee. If you submit a removal order for items before the next inventory cleanup date, those items won’t be subject to long-term storage fees. For more information, see FBA long-term storage fees.
How is shipping weight calculated?
The shipping weight is calculated for each unit by adding the packaging weight to the greater of the unit weight or the dimensional weight. The dimensional weight is equal to the unit volume (length x width x height) divided by 139. The dimensional weight for oversize items assumes a minimum width and height of 2 inches. The total shipping weight for each unit is rounded up to the nearest pound.
How do I determine what product size tier my product belongs to?
Use the product size tier table to determine your product's size tier.
How do I block Amazon Logistics as a carrier?
You can block Amazon Logistics in one of two ways. The first way is at the account level by going to your FBA settings, then scrolling down to Multi-Channel Fulfillment settings. Blocking Amazon Logistics at the account level will remove this shipping method from all MCF orders placed after the settings change. The second way is when placing individual MCF orders via Seller Central or API. Changes to your Amazon Logistics preference when placing an individual MCF order will override your account-level preference for those orders. Note that blocking Amazon Logistics at either the account or the order level will result in a 5% surcharge.

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