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Scale your business globally with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)

Leverage Amazon’s connected fulfillment network to deliver your off-Amazon orders across 10 countries.

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Put the power of the world’s largest fulfillment network at your fingertips

MCF is a third-party logistics (3PL) solution that enables you to leverage Amazon’s fulfillment network and team of experts to pick, pack, ship, and deliver your customer orders from off-Amazon sales channels.

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Where is MCF available?
MCF is offered in 10 different countries around the world:

Why MCF?
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Network & expertise
Gain access to Amazon’s global network of over 200 fulfillment centers, 120,000 trucks, vans, and planes, and 1,275,000 associates and partners. Consolidate your inventory into a single pool that can be used for all your on- and off-Amazon orders – so that you can reduce costs and streamline operations.
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Speed & reliability
Deliver your products as fast as 2 days. Delight your customers with on-time deliveries made 7 days a week, even during peak.
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First-class customer experience
Get real-time tracking on every order – so that you and your customers can monitor the progress of orders from click to delivery.
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Operational excellence
Seamlessly connect MCF to your back-end systems with our state-of-the-art integrations and automate the entire order fulfilment process.
Customer Success Stories
Discover why global businesses have entrusted MCF with their order fulfillment across geographies.
Image of MySweetSmile whitening powder char, strips, and applicator in the foreground on a white table
“I highly recommend MCF for businesses selling in more than one country. Leveraging a single pool of inventory means I don’t have to stress about keeping my products available across my sales channels. Now, I can focus on expanding my business to new geographies. MCF has been a crucial part in MySweetSmile’s success.”
Shayan Sharifi
Managing Director, MySweetSmile
Essential oil bottles laid flat on a white surface displayed in rainbow order from red to purple with flower petals, herbs, and citrus above the bottles representing their scents
“MCF has been instrumental in helping Aromatan transform into a digital-first, global, multi-channel fragrance brand. I would recommend MCF to any ecommerce business as it provides a great path to reach consumers around the world, through any channel.”
Taha Nabee
CEO of Aromatan
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“I recommend MCF to any business undergoing rapid growth and managing orders across the EU. It would have been impossible for us to grow stock pools in all of the geographies where we are experiencing demand. MCF has truly opened the door for us to test new sales channels without large startup costs, making our ecommerce strategy a success.”
Michal Aleksandrowicz
General Manager of JMFA Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries is MCF offered in?

MCF is available in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Can I use MCF to fulfill international orders?

MCF has the largest fulfillment network in the world, with 150 fulfillment centers in the US and over 200 globally. Currently, MCF only supports international fulfillment for media products (books, music, videos, and DVDs). Note that export orders have separate fulfillment fees. Please see FBA Export fees to learn more.