Prime Line Packaging expands into 4 marketplaces with 843% sales growth with help from MCF and Listing Mirror

Prime Line Packaging

A family legacy of quality

Prime Line Packaging is a third-generation, family-owned business with over 60 years of experience in custom printed and designed packaging. Based in South Plainfield, NJ, the company specializes in a wide range of packaging solutions to help brands connect with consumers. Zeke Abraham, Vice President of Prime Line Packaging, carries on the family legacy of providing customers premium quality products at the best price available.

The Prime Line Packaging mission is simple: Utilize their sourcing expertise and long-standing relationships to provide the best quality products from around the world at the most competitive prices. The Prime Line team also prioritizes quality. Quality experts are in each factory to ensure all products meet and maintain their high standards.

New products spur quick growth

Initially, Prime Line primarily focused on custom branded retail packaging. However, within the last four years and ever-growing market needs, Abraham saw an opportunity to expand their product line and list their same quality shopping bags and shipping packaging but unbranded. They started testing the new products by selling them in an Amazon store. The unbranded products were very popular, and Prime Line continued to broaden their packaging range by offering unbranded bags, boxes, and more. The company also kept ahead of the sustainability trend by creating eco-friendly, reusable options. Their reusable canvas and cotton totes collection was launched to help reduce waste and help the environment.

Comprehensive ecommerce support

After their successful new product launches, the Prime Line was looking for new ways to scale their business. In addition to selling in their Amazon store, Prime Line uses Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) for their order fulfillment. They are able to quickly and efficiently fulfill orders from all of their online sales channels, like Etsy and their Shopify website. MCF helps Prime Line keep their focus of seeking out the best sourced products and pricing to supersede the competition.

In October 2018, Prime Line Packaging also onboarded with Listing Mirror, a multi-channel product listing software suite. With the help of Listing Mirror, the company expanded into additional marketplaces. "If Listing Mirror wasn't around, I wouldn't have been on these other marketplaces," said Abraham. “All of my sales - even starting on Walmart - are attributed to Listing Mirror.” Listing Mirror empowers sellers to sell more with ease. Prime Line was able to integrate MCF with Listing Mirror to easily distribute inventory across various marketplaces resulting in a 843% overall sales increase. In the future, Prime Line is eager to explore options for additional marketplaces.

“Listing Mirror and MCF are a great combination for managing our multi-channel ecommerce business. From product listing to order fulfillment, these services completely simplified our operations so that we can expand into new marketplaces and grow our business with ease. With the Listing Mirror integration for MCF, we can sync our inventory across our sales channels and get reliable order fulfillment for our customers,” said Abraham.

Ready to get started?

Multi-Channel Fulfillment provides low cost and efficient fulfillment solutions for businesses of all sizes. If you are interested in how MCF can help your business grow, contact us.

Listing Mirror is an ecommerce software suite dedicated to help established online sellers Sell More. Work Less.™ They boast high-performance solutions for listing data, inventory, and order management. You can check them out at to learn more and get in touch.

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