Use Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) and SellerActive for automatic order fulfillment for any of your online sales channels.


  • Access to new MCF features - Enjoy new MCF features like unbranded packaging and blocking Amazon Logistics as a carrier.
  • Optimized product pricing - Get continuous pricing recommendations from SellerActive for your products to increase sales.
  • Expand into new marketplaces - Use SellerActive for data analysis to measure opportunities for new marketplaces to fulfill with MCF.
  • Quick startup - With no setup fees or contracts, get started same day with live onboarding support.

How it works

  1. Start your free 30-day trial with SellerActive.
  2. Reach out to for a complimentary onboarding session.
  3. SellerActive will automatically import your catalog for all integrated marketplaces.
  4. When a customer places an order on your off-Amazon sales channel, the order will automatically get sent to Amazon for fulfillment.
  5. Amazon will pick, pack, and ship the order while sending SellerActive the tracking number to update the corresponding marketplace.
For SellerActive pricing information, click here.

Connect SellerActive to MCF

Use these instructions to get started with MCF and SellerActive:

Fulfill orders on SellerActive with MCF

To use SellerActive to manage order fulfillment with MCF across your channels:
  1. List your products on your off Amazon sales channels and marketplaces using the same SKU as your Amazon products.
  2. In SellerActive, map your shipping methods within the integrations page by navigating to “Settings”, then “Integrations”, then “My Services”, and clicking “Amazon FBA”. If you have not already enabled the service, select the "Add services" box.
  3. Create a shipping method mapping for each delivery method you offer on your off-Amazon sales channels.
For more information about how to get started with SellerActive, click here. For information about how to connect MCF to SellerActive, click here.

How to fulfill MCF orders with unbranded packaging and block Amazon Logistics as a carrier

  1. Update the MCF settings at the sales channel level within SellerActive by navigating to “Settings”, then “Integrations”, then “My Services”, and click on “Amazon FBA”.
  2. Select the “Cross Channel Shipping” tab and enable the “Blank Box Order Fulfillment" option for unbranded packaging and the "Block Amazon Logstics" option for the the sales channels of your choice.
For more information about how to fulfill MCF orders with unbranded packaging using SellerActive, click here. For more information about how to block Amazon Logistics as a carrier with SellerActive, click here.


Questions? For more information about the SellerActive, go to the SellerActive support page or reach out to
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