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Use ByteStand to connect Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) with your Shopify store and optimize your entire order fulfillment process, from providing real-time shipping rates at checkout, to automatically creating MCF orders, all the way to shipping and tracking.


The ByteStand integration with MCF enables you to easily and effectively manage the fulfillment of orders from your Shopify store by providing:

  • Automatic fulfillment – Automate your order fulfillment process, including sending order and shipping confirmation emails with tracking details.
  • Inventory management – Automatically sync Amazon inventory levels and prices with Shopify.
  • Real-time, flexible shipping rates – Display live shipping rates from MCF to your customers at checkout and easily set up free, fixed, or adjusted shipping rates for your customers.
  • Global network Gain access to Amazon’s connected global network to fulfill and track orders, all from a single inventory pool.
  • Fulfillment for any channel - Fulfill orders placed on all your sales channels, including your brand website or ecommerce marketplaces.
  • Subscription order fulfillment – Fulfill your orders from subscription services using MCF and ByteStand.
  • Customized packing slips – Customize packing slips for each of your marketplaces.
  • MCF features – Enjoy the latest MCF features including unbranded packaging* and the ability to block Amazon Logistics as a carrier.
  • Virtual bundles – Sell and manage bundled orders with ease.

*Note that – as of December 2022 – MCF’s unbranded packaging feature does not include non-sortable inventory that exceeds 18 x 14 x 8 in and/or 20 lb.

How it works

With ByteStand, you can quickly connect your Shopify store with MCF and automatically fulfill orders. Use coupon code amazon_30 to get a 30-day free trial.

Connect MCF and ByteStand

To connect MCF and ByteStand, follow these steps:

  1. Download the app from the Shopify App Store here.
  2. Next, contact ByteStand to set up an account, schedule a demo, or use the library of self-service videos below. To reach ByteStand by phone in the US, contact 1-704-489-3578.

Self-service videos


Have questions? Contact ByteStand for support

This application is offered by a third-party service provider that is not affiliated with Amazon. The information we are providing on this page is solely testimonial. Use the information if you feel it is helpful.

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