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California Design Den

Encouraging restfulness with natural bedding

After a decade of manufacturing bed products for large retailers, Deepak Mehrotra created California Design Den, a company focused on providing customers quality cotton bedding at a value price. Located in California, the company values the indulgent yet environmentally conscience energy of the region.

California Design Den gives customers access to natural bed products that bring true restfulness. Their bed linens are made with 100% natural cotton in addition to being sustainable and biodegradable. The company avoids using plastic materials, like microfiber, because they are made with harmful chemicals and pollute the Earth’s oceans. Customers that sleep on all natural bedding feel the difference. The end result: a comfortable, luxurious sleep, at half the price of typical high end sleep sets.

As of May 2021, California Design Den has one of the most rated cotton sheets on One customer writes, “I washed them and after taking them out of the dryer I was so impressed with the feel and quality. I made my bed and being that it was a warm night it provided the opportunity to test them to see if I would feel too warm. It was a cool, comfortable experience and I had a perfect sleep in my new sheets!"
Centralized inventory management with MCF

Centralized inventory management with MCF

California Design Den’s global supply chain requires dependable operations. They inbound their bed products from their factory in India to sell in their Amazon store and provide bedding to customers across the U.S. As they explored expanding their startup brand to different ecommerce channels, managing their inventory effectively became their main focus. Warehousing and fulfilling orders themselves would be cumbersome, expensive, and take too much time to manage.

Then, California Design Den learned about Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). With MCF, they could simply use their Amazon inventory to fulfill orders placed on other channels, like their website. Their experience selling on Amazon was a key driver for choosing to use MCF. Amazon’s reliable shipping and competitive pricing made it an easy decision. MCF gave them the tools to start selling on other marketplaces quickly.

“Expanding our online presence would not have been possible without MCF. Getting started with MCF was very simple, and the pooled inventory is perfect for our business. MCF is the affordable, preferred fulfillment option that helped our ecommerce business take off” said California Design Den founder, Deepak Mehrotra.

Scaling global growth

After three months of using MCF to fulfill their website orders, the California Design Den business grew by 25%. The company credits the ease of managing all their ecommerce fulfillment with MCF and offering customers the best experience with Prime-like shipping speeds. California Design Den was able to scale their growth by seamlessly integrating their Shopify website with MCF, so that orders were automatically fulfilled. The integration saved the California Design Den team 1-2 hours per day.

Deepak Mehrotra said, “The Shopify integration is fantastic and helped us onboard with MCF easily. The integration helps us track our orders, removes the manual effort of fulfillment, and reduces any risk of human error. For a startup with a small team like us, that’s important.”

With the company’s fulfillment being handled by MCF, California Design Den can focus their time on what’s important to grow their business. After starting the company in the U.S., California Design Den has expanded into the UK, UAE and Germany. They have plans for continued growth and hope to one day be the favorite brand of natural and sustainable bedding for all customers. Through efficient design, manufacture and delivery, they plan to make that happen with the help of MCF.

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