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How you can use Amazon Pay and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment to improve customer shopping experience

Elevate your customers’ experience from check out to delivery by using Amazon Pay and MCF.

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The rapid adoption of ecommerce has led to new digital habits, and those new digital experiences have led to new consumer expectations. Customers want what they want, when they want — and that means sellers have to be fast in order to keep up. According to a study from the Baymard Institute, 70% of shoppers who add a product to their cart never complete their purchase — 21% abandon it because of a long and complicated checkout process, and another 18% abandon it because of a slow delivery.1

As sellers look for ways to improve their customer experience, and ultimately increase retention, they need to solve for these common issues of cart abandonment. Both Amazon Pay and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) can allow sellers to increase their speed — during the purchasing and shipping processes — helping them gain and maintain customer trust.

What is MCF?

MCF is a third-party logistics (3PL) solution that provides fulfillment for a seller’s ecommerce orders, giving customers the trustworthy Amazon shipping experience they’ve come to expect, even when they’re shopping on ecommerce channels outside Amazon. It’s a streamlined and efficient way for businesses of any size to stay ahead of their competitors by enabling a world-class fulfillment network, operational expertise, and fast ship speeds, all of which improve the customer experience.

MCF picks, packs, and ships orders either by using existing inventory — if the seller has an Amazon store — or by using inventory that the seller stores in an Amazon fulfillment center, ensuring customer satisfaction with each delivery.

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay lets customers use the information they’ve already stored in their Amazon account to shop on tens of thousands of websites across the globe, helping to streamline their shopping experience by cutting down on the time they would otherwise spend in the checkout process.

Why use Amazon Pay?

Customers value a seamless, safe checkout experience, and Amazon Pay helps sellers achieve this for their customers. Amazon Pay’s checkout is secure and eligible purchases2 are protected by the Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee. And customers can conveniently pay using Amazon Pay through web, mobile, and voice. By using payment information tied to customer’s Amazon account, customers can speed through the checkout process, improving conversion rates.

Stay up to date with new Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment features, best practices, and more.

What’s the cost of Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay offers one solution for many business models and transaction types with a transparent pricing model, and no hidden fees. Use the ROI conversion simulator to simulate potential ROI based on sales lift and processing fees.

See how sellers like you have grown

Businesses large and small are using Amazon Pay to their online shopping experience and grow their business. All Saints, a British fashion retailer, saw a 34% increase in conversion rate and 15% higher order values after implementing Amazon Pay. They also experienced a 70-second reduction in checkout time.

American eyewear startup, Felix Gray, made sure they were the go-to online retailer for glasses by reducing friction at checkout, creating a faster checkout experience. Felix Gray reported a 5% increase in sales conversion for customers who begin the checkout process with Amazon Pay. “The increase we’re seeing in sales conversions from Amazon Pay versus other payment methods is wild, but it’s really not crazy when you think about all the information that is pre-filled with Amazon Pay, and everything is ready to go for the customer,” explained Houtan Fanisalek, Chief Technical Officer for Felix Gray. “It’s a lot easier for customers to hit ‘Place Order’ than to enter all their information. By the time they enter their payment info, you’ve lost most of your customer base!”

How MCF works with Amazon Pay

Using MCF with Amazon Pay is simple. Here’s how to improve both the purchase and post-purchase experience for your customers at the same time.

  1. Integrate MCF within your already existing ecommerce sales channels. If you have a BigCommerce or Shopify site, you can connect to MCF through a simple integration, streamlining your operations in just a few clicks.
  2. Launch Amazon Pay on your website to let millions of Amazon customers buy products on your website.
  3. Ship your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers.
  4. Watch as customers place their orders on your ecommerce sales channel using Amazon Pay.
  5. Fulfill your orders with Amazon MCF in one business day (Priority), two business days (Expedited), or three to five business days (Standard).

1 Baymard Institute, Checkout optimization report, 2020.
2 See here for a list of items and situations not covered by the A-to-z Guarantee.

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