How to use MCF to fulfill orders for multiple ecommerce marketplaces

Marketplace fulfillment
Selling on multiple ecommerce sales channels can grow your online business, and this strategy has become increasingly popular. But multi-channel selling comes with complexities. Finding the right marketplaces to sell on, and the right fulfillment service that best fits your business is critical. Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) fulfills orders from any ecommerce sales channels, and has features to help your business grow across many channels. Some marketplaces don’t allow Amazon services yet, but with MCF’s three product features, block Amazon Logistics, unbranded packaging, and integrations, you can still take advantage of MCF’s Prime-like shipping speeds and up to 60% discounts on multi-unit orders.

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Tips for selling on different marketplaces

Selling products on multiple ecommerce sales channels can provide greater selection and convenience for your customers, increasing customer loyalty and making a seamless customer journey. Before you begin selling, here are some helpful tips to get started:
  • Identify which marketplaces are most popular with your target audience to find the best opportunity for high sales.
  • Identify which marketplaces are most popular with your target audience to find the best opportunity for high sales.
  • You might also want to check where your competitors are selling, as they may have already identified a successful marketplace for your product category.
  • Another factor to consider is if the marketplace allows for advertisements to boost your exposure with customers.
Once you have decided on the marketplaces you want to sell on, the next step is finding fulfillment providers. Read how three MCF features help streamline fulfillment for ecommerce orders across all online channels.

Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is Amazon’s last mile delivery provider. Customers can use Swiship to look up Amazon Logistics tracking information. MCF also added the ability to track through AfterShip to make sure that any carrier that we use, including Amazon Logistics, is trackable on channels like Etsy and Wish. For the few marketplaces that don’t yet allow the use of Amazon Logistics, MCF has added the option to block US orders from being shipped by Amazon Logistics, for a 5% fee surcharge. You can block Amazon Logistics at the account level, or order level. View the instructions for blocking Amazon Logistics at the order or account level.

Unbranded packaging

MCF is actively working on enabling unbranded packaging for all MCF orders. Currently, MCF is beta testing unbranded packaging so that sellers can use MCF for marketplaces that don’t allow the use of Amazon packaging. The MCF team continues to improve unbranded packaging capabilities. Join the waitlist for unbranded packaging to know when the program is launched for everyone. You will receive an email once your account is enrolled in the program. Once enrolled, use the Multi-Channel Fulfillment report in Seller Central to view your inventory levels in unbranded packaging-specific fulfillment centers.


In order to save time on fulfilling orders across multiple sales channels, MCF can be integrated with your existing ecommerce sales channels. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular integrations for MCF:

Ready to get started?

Multi-Channel Fulfillment provides low cost and efficient fulfillment solutions for businesses of all sizes. MCF not only helps you expand into new marketplaces, but also has features to support fulfillment of orders from direct to consumer (D2C) websites. If you have a D2C website, reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion by adding a 'Fulfilled by Amazon' badge to your checkout experience. Download the badge and add it to your website to alert customers that their order fulfillment is powered by Amazon.

Ready to get started with MCF? If you’re an Amazon seller, place your first MCF order by following these instructions. New to Amazon? Contact us to learn how MCF can help your business grow.

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