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Optimize your end-to-end logistics operations with Amazon

Grow your business through any sales and distribution channel with Amazon’s third-party logistics (3PL) solutions.

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1. Manufacturing 2. Transportation 3. Storage 4. Order fulfillment 5. Customer Satisfaction and Returns
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1. Manufacturing
dark icon of boxes on a conveyor belt on a bright green background
Once your products have been manufactured, you can decide to:

Sell your inventory

If you plan to immediately sell your inventory, you can send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers so they can be used to satisfy demand.

Store your inventory

If you need to store your inventory, you can send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers for storage.

You should evaluate your transportation needs based on whether you plan to sell or store your inventory and whether your goods are manufactured overseas or domestically.

2. Transportation
Amazon Prime trucking trailer lined up at fulfillment center

You can get your products where they need to go with the help of Amazon.

Amazon Global Logistics offers ocean and air freight at competitive rates, and will help you navigate customs brokerage into the US if you are shipping internationally.

Choose the size and speed of your booking and conveniently track shipments with added options for pick-up service, palletization, labeling, and cargo insurance.

Ship your cargo to Amazon fulfillment centers to be used to satisfy downstream customer demand or to be stored.

Amazon Freight moves your full truckload freight, simply and reliably, with a network of 30,000+ Amazon trailers and carriers. Amazon Freight’s network runs 24/7, 365 days a year, with visibility from quote to payment.

3. Storage

Use Amazon for inventory storage and distribution. With Amazon, you can optimize your inventory management by:

Delivery truck icon on lime green background
Sending your inventory in bulk to Amazon fulfillment centers.
graphic of warehouse with boxes stacked within on bright green backgroun
Storing your inventory with simple “pay-as-you-go” pricing.
graphic of 3 dark boxes stacked on top of each other with an arrow from each one consolidating into one arrow on a bright green background
Consolidating your inventory into a global pool, which you can use for both your Amazon and off-Amazon orders.
circle graphic with arrows point out all around it on a bright green background
Positioning your inventory strategically across the Amazon Fulfillment Network to optimize the delivery speed (and reduce the delivery costs) of customer orders.

4. Order fulfillment

Use Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) – a 3PL solution offered by Amazon – for fast, reliable order fulfillment for orders placed on any off-Amazon channel, including your website, an ecommerce marketplace, or a social media store.

Once your customer places an order, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the order, with delivery speeds as fast as one day and a >97% on-time delivery rate. Save time and automate your order fulfillment with MCF using one of the many prebuilt or custom integration options.

For more information on MCF, click here.

warehouse worker looking at packages and scanning with other workers in the background

5. Customer Satisfaction and Returns
dark computer monitor with 5 stars in the middle in a straight line on a bright green background
Customers are delighted to receive their order on time, with deliveries made 7 days a week. Was the product not quite right? You have the option to have customer returns sent back into your Amazon inventory as well.

Use Amazon’s 3PL solutions to optimize your end-to-end logistics operations, so that you can delight customers, decrease operating costs, and drive business growth across any sales channel.

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