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Use Veeqo’s integration with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) to send orders from your off-Amazon channels to MCF to be picked, packed, and shipped.


Veeqo is Amazon’s free Multi-Channel shipping and warehouse management software. With Veeqo’s integration with MCF you can manage your shipping, inventory and fulfillment all in one place.

  • Manage all your orders from Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart and many more sales channels.
  • Update inventory automatically across all of your sales channels as orders come in.
  • Adjust stock and listing prices across all your channels in one place.
  • Transfer and track stock across multiple warehouse locations.
  • Create inventory rules to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Utilize MCF features like unbranded packaging and blocking Amazon Logistics as a carrier.
  • Track and organize all your sales data to easily forecast your stock, purchase from suppliers and get profitability reports.
  • Veeqo is completely free with unlimited orders, unlimited users, and no label limits.

Learn more about Veeqo here.

How it works

With Veeqo’s integration with MCF you can send orders from your off-Amazon sales channels, to MCF for fulfillment.

  1. When a customer places an order Veeqo sends the order to MCF.
  2. MCF then changes the Veeqo order status to “Awaiting Amazon Stock”.
  3. After MCF confirms the stock, the order status changes to “Awaiting Amazon Fulfillment”
  4. After MCF ships the order, Veeqo updates the order status to “Shipped”. Then Veeqo sends the customer tracking and order details via email.

How to connect MCF and Veeqo

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account to connect your store with Veeqo. If you need to create a Veeqo account, follow the prompts on the Veeqo sign up page.

How to use MCF and Veeqo

  1. Connect your Amazon Store to Veeqo (Note: You will need a Professional Seller Plan on Amazon Seller Central to use MCF with Veeqo).
  2. Enable FBA in your Amazon store settings in Veeqo.
  3. Enable MCF within the store settings for each store that will use MCF.
  4. Decide if you prefer to automatically send all of your orders from that store to MCF, or decide to ship them yourself.

Using MCF for single orders

  1. In your Veeqo account, enable the Amazon MCF integration by following these steps.
  2. In your “Orders” list, click on the “Ship” button next to an order placed on an off-Amazon sales channel.
  3. Click the “Ship with Amazon MCF” button.
  4. Choose the location to ship from, delivery speed, and add any additional comments to the order. If order comment is blank, the default message “Thank you for your order!” will be used. Next, click “Ship”.
  5. Your order will now be picked, packed, and shipped using MCF.

Note: The country you are shipping to must match the MCF region that you are shipping from.

Using MCF at the store-level

You are also able to automate your order fulfillment using Veeqo and MCF on a per-store basis.

  1. If you want all orders from one of your channels to be sent to MCF for fulfillment, then navigate to Settings > Marketplace and Integrations and click into your chosen channel.
  2. Click “edit” and then “show advanced settings.”
  3. Scroll down to section 6 and toggle the “Automatically fulfill orders for this store by Amazon MCF” to “On”.

With this feature toggled on, Veeqo will attempt to send every order from your chosen channel to MCF for fulfillment, as long as there is an Amazon listing linked to the same Veeqo product as the original listing from the channel where the order was initially placed

Note: You must have an Amazon listing linked to the corresponding Veeqo product within the order itself. If not, the fulfillment request will be rejected by MCF. Similarly, you must have inventory at the Amazon location, otherwise the fulfillment request will be rejected.

To learn more about getting started, click here.


Questions? For support, navigate to the Veeqo help page, email helpme@support.veeqo.com, or use the live chat through the Veeqo app.

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