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MCF App for Shopify User Guide

Follow the steps below to complete the setup of your Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) app.

Get started

Use the Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) App for Shopify to connect your Shopify website to MCF. If you haven’t done so already, download the Amazon MCF app for Shopify here.

To set up the Amazon MCF app for Shopify, you need to:

  • Connect to an Amazon seller account
  • Manage your inventory
  • Configure your settings on the MCF app

Watch video to learn how to set up the MCF app for Shopify.

Connect an Amazon seller account

Already have an Amazon selling account? Log in and proceed to the next step.

If your business is new to Amazon, start by creating your account:

  • Create an Amazon selling account and set up Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – this is the best choice if you plan to sell on Amazon and also use MCF.
  • Create an MCF account – this is the best choice if you don’t plan to sell on Amazon and only want to use MCF for off-Amazon ecommerce orders.

Manage inventory

Already have your inventory set up in the Amazon Fulfillment network? We look at your FBA and MCF stock as a single pool of inventory. We will use that single pool of inventory to fulfill your Amazon.com orders (with FBA) as well as your orders from off-Amazon ecommerce channels (with MCF).

Don’t have inventory with Amazon? Add products to your FBA inventory page and send inventory to Amazon by following the steps to Send to Amazon.

Configure your settings on the MCF app

Map your SKUs

Connect your Amazon account to Shopify by clicking on the app and logging in.

To fulfill your customer orders, MCF needs to know which of your Shopify products match your Amazon inventory. The app can auto-map your products if your Shopify SKU name matches your Amazon SKU. For products with SKU values that differ between Shopify and Amazon, search for your Shopify SKU and click into the Amazon SKU field to perform custom mapping.

Enable MCF location

To enable MCF as a shipping location for your SKUs, change the location where your inventory is stocked within your Shopify settings at the SKU level. You can choose to do this in the product details of each SKU or by using the Bulk Editor in Shopify.

To change the inventory location for a single product, navigate to “Products” in Shopify and select the product you’d like to configure and scroll down to the Inventory section. In the drop-down, change the inventory location to “Amazon MCF.” Repeat this process for each SKU you would like to route to MCF for fulfillment.

To change the inventory location in bulk, navigate to your Shopify Products page and select which products you’d like to update (or you can select all products) and click “Edit Products.” In this screen, select “Columns” in the top right and add “Stocked at” as a column. After the “Stocked at” column is visible in the Bulk Editor view, toggle the column to set the product location to “Amazon MCF.”

If you’re migrating from the Shopify FBA integration, adjust the “Inventory managed by” or “Stocked at” field from Amazon Marketplace Web to Amazon MCF (see screenshot).

screenshot of shopify app setup

Complete this step for each Product Variant in Shopify (see example).

Shopify app setup screenshot

Setup shipping options

At checkout, customers only see the shipping options that you configure in your Shopify settings page. Create a shipping profile for MCF in the Shopify shipping settings and then set the rates you want your customers to see.

In the MCF app, you can map your existing Shopify shipping options to an Amazon shipping speed. Enter the name of your existing shipping option on the “Mappings” page and select your desired Amazon shipping speed from the dropdown menu on the right. The shipping name in the “Mappings” page must exactly match the name of your existing Shopify shipping option for MCF to fulfill orders at the correct speed.

Navigate to the “Shipping and delivery” page, find the desired shipping profile, and click “Manage.” Scroll down to the “Not shipping from” section, where you’ll find Amazon MCF, and click “Add rates.” Choose whether to add to an existing profile or set new rates for MCF.

You can also name your Shopify shipping options as either Standard, Expedited, or Priority in the Shopify settings page and MCF will automatically match our shipping rates for you.

Shopify app setup screenshot
Shopify app setup screenshot

To have MCF automatically fulfill your order, set up Automatic Fulfillment in your Shopify settings.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the Amazon MCF app setup!

Send us your feedback. Click on the feedback link in the app to let us know how we can improve your experience.

Configure multiple locations (optional)

The default option is set to Single location. This option is used when MCF is your only location to ship your products from. If you are stocking the same SKU(s) with two or more fulfillment locations outside of Amazon MCF, you must turn on “Multiple locations” in the MCF app (see screenshot).

Screenshot of multiple locations configuration within Shopify app portal

After you configure your multiple location settings, navigate to Shopify location settings for your store and assign the “Location priority,” which determines where orders are fulfilled from first. If your orders are auto-fulfilled, this function dictates where the orders are sent for fulfillment (see screenshot).

Screenshot of locations selection within Shopify app

Getting started

How do I link my Amazon account to Shopify?

Download the MCF app on Shopify’s app store and log in with your Amazon seller account when the app is launched to automatically link your account.

Do I have to map all of my SKUs manually?

If your Shopify SKU name matches your Amazon SKU value, the app automatically maps these SKUs for you. Otherwise, you’ll need to enter in the corresponding Amazon SKU for each Shopify SKU.

What regions are supported by the MCF app for Shopify?

The MCF app for Shopify only supports the US region. If you’re in another MCF-supported country (Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Australia) and want to integrate MCF and Shopify, use a third party integration such as WebBee, ByteStand, or Pipe17.

Why aren’t Amazon shipping options appearing at checkout?

The options that show up at checkout are those that you have configured in your Shopify shipping and delivery settings page. Create a shipping profile for MCF in the Shopify shipping settings and then set the rates you want your customers to see. If these rates are mapped in the MCF app, MCF fulfills the orders with the corresponding Amazon ship speeds.

Can I prevent my orders from being fulfilled by Amazon Logistics?

Yes, MCF has added the option to block US orders from being shipped by Amazon Logistics, for a 5% fee surcharge. You can block Amazon Logistics for all MCF orders from your Amazon Seller account by going to your FBA settings, then scrolling down to Multi-Channel Fulfillment settings. Blocking Amazon Logistics increases the risk of your orders being unfulfilled or delivered late if there are no alternative carriers available. Because sales channels such as eBay and Walmart prohibit the use of Amazon Logistics, you can block this shipping method at the account level within your FBA settings.

Does the MCF app for Shopify support Returns?

Returns aren’t directly supported through the MCF app for Shopify. You can process returns through Shopify by following the steps outlined here.

If you want the customer to send the item directly to Amazon, learn more about the MCF return process here.

Note: The postage charges for returning the item aren’t covered by Amazon.

Is this App available in regions other than US?

The MCF app only supports fulfillment of your Amazon inventory located in the US to US addresses.

For outside of US: We also work with other app providers - such as WebBee and Bytestand - who are able to support your marketplaces outside of the US. These Amazon MCF apps will allow you to sync inventory and route orders to MCF for other regions.

Are the MCF features unbranded packaging and blocking Amazon Logistics supported by the MCF app for Shopify?

The MCF app for Shopify doesn’t support unbranded packaging or blocking Amazon Logistics as a carrier.

Can I link multiple Shopify stores to the MCF app for Shopify?

Yes, you can link multiple Shopify stores to be linked as long as they’re in the US.

How are the shipping rates calculated in the MCF app for Shopify?

The app doesn’t calculate shipping rates. You can configure shipping rates and can also copy
existing shipping rates from your other shipping origins.

Does the MCF app for Shopify support bundling?

The MCF app doesn’t support the mapping of bundled SKUs and doesn’t allow the fulfillment of bundled SKUs. If you want to use bundling, you can use third-party Shopify apps. Learn more about third-party apps here.

Can I use other third-party Shopify apps?

You can also use a third-party Shopify integration options to automate your MCF order placement, provide up-to-date tracking information to your customers, and sync your inventory levels.


WebBee syncs your Amazon inventory with your Shopify orders for faster fulfillment and real-time visibility into inventory-order management. WebBee will waive your monthly fee for 3 months when you use the code WB6MSPL. To get started with WebBee, follow these steps:


ByteStand connects all of your US and non-US Amazon seller accounts to your Shopify store, enabling MCF fulfillment of Shopify orders. Use ByteStand to provide real-time shipping quotes as well as tracking and delivery updates from MCF to your Shopify customers. ByteStand will waive your monthly fee for 3 months when you use the code amazon_90.

Watch this video series to set up the app or sign up for a demo to walk through the ByteStand app setup and get questions answered in a live Q&A session. Learn how to customize your ByteStand settings:

  • Send imported orders from other channels to MCF - Learn more.
  • Create and fulfill custom bundles - Watch video.
  • Fulfill both MCF and manual products on the same store - Learn more.


Pipe17 Connect: MCF allows you to use MCF to fulfill orders from your Shopify-powered website or store seamlessly. Enjoy advanced features such as SKU mapping, bundle automation, instant problem notifications, and great performance and reliability. Grow your business by easily adding additional stores and new marketplaces, and take advantage of the built-in order routing for MCF. Connect your accounting or order and inventory management system for frictionless business operations integration.

Get started in less than 5 minutes with pay-as-you-go pricing and no consulting or setup fees required. To get started with Pipe17, click here.

How do I complete the setup of the MCF app for Shopify?

If you have completed all of the steps highlighted in the user guide, including enabling MCF as a location and setting up shipping options, you have completed the app setup. If you want to test the app, you can create a test order and the fulfillment request will appear as “Accepted” in Shopify if the test order is successful. You’ll find a corresponding order on your Orders page in Seller Central. You can cancel your test order after verification.

Does the MCF app show estimated delivery dates during checkout?

The MCF app doesn’t show estimated delivery dates during checkout.

You can create desired Ship Rates with estimated days on Shopify and then map them to Amazon Speeds.

How can I map the Shopify SKUs in bulk to Amazon’s SKUs?

There’s no option to map SKUs in bulk to Amazon SKUs. You must manually map SKUs individually to valid Amazon SKUs.

Can I switch back and forth between single and multiple locations shipping options?

No. After you activate and configure your multiple locations shipping option. You can’t switch back to single location unless you uninstall and reinstall the MCF app for Shopify.

If you reinstall within 30 days, your order data will not be lost in Shopify.

How do I map my Shopify SKU to a bundled Amazon SKU?

The MCF app doesn’t support bundling products, and the app doesn’t map to any of your Seller Central bundled SKUs. Those bundled SKUs can only be used on Amazon.com.


How can I change the location of an order to be fulfilled, if single location is enabled?

If single location is enabled in Seller Central, MCF only fulfills the order for SKUs that have inventory located as “Amazon MCF” and the order can’t be edited to fulfill using a different location.

How can I change the location of an order to be fulfilled, if multiple location is enabled?

If multiple location is active in Seller Central, customers can define the sequence in which the locations need to be picked during order fulfillment. To change location of an order when multiple locations have inventory, click the name of the location on the fulfillment card, and select “Change location.” Select the location that you want to use, and click “Save.”

Can I specify which orders I want to be fulfilled by MCF?

No, you can’t choose the orders on Shopify to fulfill using MCF. You can either mark the SKUs location as “Amazon MCF” or you can export all the orders and use the bulk order feature in Seller Central.

Where can I find the MCF fulfillment fees for Shopify orders?

The fulfillment fees report is only available in Seller Central for all MCF orders. A report can be extracted by logging in to Seller Central. Click “Reports,” then select “Payments,” and then select “All statements.” Enter a date range for your report and download the file.

Next, open the file by using Excel. Column O shows the FBA/MCF fees charged for the order.

Does the MCF app fulfill partial orders?

Yes, the app can support partial fulfillment of orders based on the product’s assigned inventory location. MCF can ship any products that are assigned to the Amazon MCF location within the order.


Does Amazon need to receive my inventory before I can use the MCF app?

You can download and connect your Amazon seller account to the MCF app without inbounding inventory, but you must set up and inbound inventory to Amazon in order to proceed with SKU mapping and fulfillment.

How do I send inventory to Amazon?

See our Send to Amazon guide for detailed information on how to inbound your inventory.

What is the maximum order size that MCF can fulfill?

MCF can accept orders of up to 250 units and 100 unique SKUs. For large orders that exceed these limits, you can split the order into multiple orders and resubmit them to MCF.

Is my Shopify inventory in sync with my physical inventory at Amazon?

Once your SKUs are mapped, the MCF app pushes updated inventory levels from Amazon to Shopify.

My product is showing zero inventory when I know I have stock in Amazon fulfillment centers. How can I fix this issue?

First, ensure that you have “Track quantity” checked for your product in Shopify. Also, you may be showing zero inventory if your products aren’t mapped correctly. Navigate to the SKU mapping tab and search for your product SKU. Make sure that your product is mapped to the correct Amazon SKU. If you have multiple Amazon SKUs for the same product, ensure you’re mapping to the SKU with available inventory in Seller Central. Your inventory will sync after you’ve saved the new SKU mapping.

How do I setup automatic fulfillment of my Shopify orders using the MCF app?

First, you must designate Amazon MCF as the default location for the store. Then, you can activate auto-fulfillment in your Shopify settings. Navigate to “Settings,” then “Checkout,” and click on the radio button “Automatically fulfill the order’s line items.” Next, click “Save.” After saving, all orders will be auto-fulfilled after placement. Learn more about auto-fulfill here.

Does MCF fulfill orders using inbound inventory?

No, the MCF app for Shopify displays and fulfills orders with only fulfillable inventory that’s currently available in Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Inbound inventory isn’t taken into consideration.

How can I fix product inventory syncing issues?

Inventory syncs automatically. If the inventory for a SKU is out of sync from FBA values, you can switch the “Inventory located at” value to a Non-Amazon MCF location and click “Save” on the product details page. Then switch the “Inventory located at” value back to “Amazon MCF,” click “Save” and refresh the product details page. This action initiates an inventory sync update within the next 5-10 seconds. If the troubleshooting doesn’t work, reach out to MCF support.

Does installing the MCF app for Shopify impact other locations and their inventories?

MCF is an independent fulfillment service and has no impact or dependencies on other fulfillment services.

If the “Inventory tracked at” value is “Amazon MCF,” Shopify fulfills the orders using the Amazon MCF location.


Where do I track orders?

In addition to Shopify’s order tracking system, you can track your orders on the Amazon Supply Chain Portal if you don’t sell on Amazon or in Seller Central if you sell on Amazon. You can see the status of your orders and also manually place new ones.

Will I receive notifications when an item ships?

The MCF app notifies Shopify when orders are shipped and fulfilled, meaning you’ll have up-to-date information on your orders.

To receive email notifications from Shopify with tracking information, manage your Shopify settings.


If you have an Amazon seller account and need help with setting up your MCF app for Shopify, getting your seller account verified, or any other issue, submit a case and our support team will assist you.

If you have other questions or want more information about MCF, please contact our sales team.

This application is offered by a third-party service provider that is not affiliated with Amazon. The information we are providing on this page is solely testimonial. Use the information if you feel it is helpful.

Contact Sales to set up an account.