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Simplify your multi-channel ecommerce operations and automate your order fulfillment process with the Mirakl Connect integration for MCF


With the MCF connector for Mirakl Connect, you can discover new marketplace channels and start selling easily on marketplaces like Macy’s, Best Buy Canada, and hundreds of others globally. This integration allows you to simplify your multi-channel ecommerce operations and automate your order fulfillment process.

The connector can also enable you to achieve a number of business benefits, including:

  • Operational efficiency – Sync offers, orders, and inventory levels across systems, streamlining operations between Mirakl Connect and Seller Central accounts.
  • Fast, easy app onboarding & setup – Easily onboard and configure your Seller Central and Mirakl Connect accounts with the connector’s intuitive interface.
  • Improve Sales Growth – Eliminate the hassle of shipping and fulfilling orders and spend more time creating and selling great products.
How it works

Once you’ve enabled Mirakl Connect through MCF, your catalog will automatically sync with your Mirakl stores.

Get started

If you do not have a Mirakl Connect account, sign up for free and start selling using your MCF setup.

How to connect

Complete the following steps to set up this feature:

Browse for the Amazon MCF connector

  1. From your Mirakl Connect account, click Partners > Amazon > Connect to Amazon MCF.
  2. From Amazon Seller Central, navigate to the Selling Partner Appstore > Detail Page > Mirakl Connect.

Link your Mirakl Connect and your Seller Central accounts

  1. Use this link and sign in to your Mirakl Connect account with your Mirakl Connect credentials.
  2. Authorize the connector for fulfilling Mirakl Connect orders and synchronizing products with Amazon.
  3. Link your Seller Central account to the connector by selecting the country your account is associated with and signing in with your Amazon credentials.

Configure fundamental settings to automatically synchronize operations

Fundamental settings include inventory, price, order creation, and order shipment.

Additional settings may need configuration

  1. Reserve inventory: This feature allows you to set aside a specific quantity of inventory for your Seller Central account and send the remaining quantity to your Mirakl Connect account.
  2. Order policy: This feature lets you decide how to handle an order fulfilled by MCF depending on your inventory levels.
  3. Unbranded packaging: This feature enables you to fulfill Mirakl Connect orders in unbranded packaging.
  4. AMZL opt-out: This feature lets you use other carriers besides Amazon to fulfill Mirakl Connect orders using MCF.

Questions? For support, click here.

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