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Simplify your multi-channel ecommerce operations and automate your order fulfillment process with the Goflow integration for Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF).


Using Goflow to automate your MCF orders can streamline your fulfillment process, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and provide valuable insights into your sales performance. Enjoy features like flexible settings and automatic, real-time inventory syncing.

To learn more, visit Goflow’s website.

  • Centralized order management: With Goflow, you can manage the processing and fulfillment of orders from multiple sales channels, including your own website and other ecommerce marketplaces, all within one system.
  • Automated order processing: Goflow makes it easy to automate your MCF orders, saving you time and reducing errors. You can set automation rules by store, by listing, and even by the customers’ ship-to location.
  • Real-time inventory sync: Goflow automatically syncs your Amazon inventory to your channels, ensuring that you always have enough inventory to satisfy demand and avoid stockouts.
  • Timely order updates: Goflow automatically sends shipping confirmations to your channels – so your customers will receive timely updates on their orders.

How Goflow works
  1. Goflow imports all sales channels’ orders. Those that are to be fulfilled through MCF are funneled into the “Ready to Fulfill” flow.
  2. Once you receive an order from one sales channel, Goflow updates all other sales channels that available inventory has decreased.
  3. From the navigation, click on “Orders” > “Fulfill”, and select the order to send to MCF.
  4. Click on “Shipping Options”, and choose a shipping service.
  5. Review the shipping cost, click “Save,” and click “Send.”
  6. The order status will update to “Awaiting Confirmation.”
  7. MCF processes the order.
  8. MCF sends tracking information to Goflow. The order status updates to “Shipped.”
  9. Goflow sends the tracking number and other shipping details to the sales channel.

How to connect

Sign up with Goflow

Visit the Goflow website to set up an account.

Connect your Amazon account to Goflow

  1. From the side panel, click on “Directory” > “Stores” > “New Store.”
  2. Search for “Amazon Marketplace” > “Amazon USA.”
  3. Name the store, and enter your address, and click “Save.”

Connect your Amazon FBA warehouse to Goflow

  1. Open the Amazon store.
  2. On the “Status” card, set “FBA Orders Import” to “Enabled.”
  3. Click “Create FBA Warehouse.”
  4. Add a unique warehouse name, or leave it at the default.
  5. Click “Save.”

Connect your other sales channels

  1. From the navigation, click on “Directory” > “Stores” > “New Store.”
  2. Search by channel name, for example, “Shopify.”
  3. Follow the unique connection instructions for each channel.
  4. Name the store, and enter your address, and click “Save.”
  5. On the “Status” card, set “Listings Import” and “Orders Import” to “Enabled.”

Set MCF default settings

  1. From the navigation, click on “Directory” > “Warehouses” > and open the “FBA warehouse.”
  2. On the “Outbound Fulfillment” card, set the default options:

    1. Choose whether to default to requiring blank box.
    2. Choose whether to default to requiring non-Amazon Logistics carrier, and for which sales channels.

Choose which orders to fulfill through MCF

  • To fulfill all orders through MCF: On the “Fulfillment Warehouses” card, select the FBA warehouse.
  • To fulfill only specific regions through MCF: On the “Fulfillment Warehouses” card, add another line > Select another warehouse, and set preference for a list of states.
  • To fulfill only for specific SKUs: From the side panel, click on “Listings” > “Listings” > Select the sales channel listing. Under “Fulfilment Warehouses”, set the FBA warehouse.

For questions about the Goflow integration for MCF, contact support@goflow.com or visit Goflow’s website.

This application is offered by a third-party service provider that is not affiliated with Amazon. The information we are providing on this page is solely testimonial. Use the information if you feel it is helpful.

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