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MCF App for BigCommerce User Guide

Follow the steps below to complete the setup of your Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) app.

Get started

Use the MCF App for BigCommerce to connect your BigCommerce website to MCF. To install the MCF app, you will need to:

  • New to Amazon? Create an account (Note: Skip this step if you already have an Amazon account and inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers.)
  • Add the MCF app to your Bigcommerce website
  • Connect your Amazon account
  • Map your BigCommerce SKUs to your Amazon SKUs
  • Enable Amazon MCF as a Shipping Option
  • Shipment Confirmation Email (Optional)
  • Inventory Sync (Optional)
  • Cap shipping rates on orders over a certain amount (Optional)

Once setup is complete, MCF delivery options (Standard – 3 days, Expedited – 2 days, and Priority – 1 day) will appear as options at checkout for any order that Amazon can fulfill in its entirety, meaning that it contains only SKUs that are in stock and mapped for fulfillment by MCF. Products fulfilled by MCF will automatically be updated with tracking information once they are shipped.

Amazon will only fulfill an order if the customer chooses one of the MCF shipping options at checkout. If there are products in your BigCommerce store that are not fulfilled using MCF, you will need to ensure that you have configured other shipping options to appear in checkout so that you can accept orders for those products.

How to

New to Amazon? Create an account

If you already have an Amazon account with inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers, skip this step and move to the next step.

Connect your Amazon account

To connect your US Amazon account to your BigCommerce store, click “Connect App to Amazon” on the “Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Setup” page.

Screenshot of US map in blue with a "connect app to Amazon" message below

Login with your Amazon account credentials and review the terms and conditions before clicking “Confirm” and “Allow”. Once you’ve successfully connected, you will see this success screen:

Screenshot of a green/black checkmark with the message "Success! You have connected your Amazon account and close this window."


  • The Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment App currently only supports Chrome and Firefox and does not support Safari.
  • The Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment App will use your existing US FBA inventory to fulfill orders from your BigCommerce website. The Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment app only supports inventory based in the US. Check back for updates in the future.
  • If you encounter an error with the steps above, it may be due to a pop-up blocker on your browser. Ensure that the pop-up blocking is disabled and try again. Learn more about the pop-up blocker for Chrome and Firefox.
  • If you are still having trouble, please email us at mcf-app-support@amazon.com.

Map your BigCommerce SKUs to your Amazon SKUs

  • Click on the “SKU Mapping” tab to connect your BigCommerce SKUs with the corresponding Amazon SKUs.
  • If your SKUs in BigCommerce are an exact match for the equivalent SKUs in Amazon Seller Central, click “Automap.”
Screenshot of BigCommerce app with Amazon MCF SKU mapping screen pulled up

  • If your SKUs in BigCommerce do not match your SKUs on your Amazon account, you can map your SKUs by clicking on the pencil icon next to each SKU.
  • If you have recently added additional Products to your BigCommerce Store and you are not seeing them on the SKU Mapping page, click “Sync BigCommerce SKUs”.
  • If you encounter issues mapping your SKUs, please email us at mcf-app-support@amazon.com.

Note: You can find the Amazon SKU values in the "Amazon Fulfilled” Inventory Report or on the “Manage Inventory” page in Seller Central.

Screenshot of Manage inventory screen showing the sku info

Enable Amazon Fulfillment as a fulfillment option

  • Start by clicking on “Store Setup” in the left navigation bar, then “Shipping.”
Screenshot of left navigation of BigCommerce app with Store Setup > Shipping options highlighted

  • If you haven’t already, click “Add shipping zone” and “Add a country zone” to add the United States as a shipping zone.
  • Click “Configure” or “Edit” next to “United States”
Screenshot of default shipping rules with United states toggle on showing free shipping

  • Click the slider to enable Amazon Fulfillment. Activating this will allow Amazon to show the Amazon shipping options to customers at checkout.

    Note: The Amazon shipping options will only appear if Amazon can fulfill all items in the cart. Amazon will only fulfill products if the customer selects one of the Amazon options at checkout.

Screenshot of Amazon Fulfillment options with toggle switched on

  • (Optional) If all of the SKUs in your BigCommerce store will be fulfilled by Amazon MCF, you may turn off any other shipping rates that you’ve created in your BigCommerce store. Any rates that you add in the Shipping section (see screenshot above) will appear at checkout alongside the Amazon fulfillment options. Amazon MCF will only fulfill an order if your customer chooses one of the Amazon MCF shipping options at checkout.
  • (Optional) Click “Edit” next to Amazon Fulfillment if you would like to modify the display name that will be shown in your store’s checkout. Click “Submit”. You do not need to modify anything in the “Connection” or “Quote” tab. The “Display Name“ you enter will be appended to the available ship options and delivery dates in the checkout experience for a given customer order.

Congratulations - you are set up!

When customers check out on your store they will see Amazon ship options with delivery dates whenever all of the items in their order can be fulfilled by Amazon (see example below). Leverage additional app features using optional steps below.

Screenshot of shipping speeds and prices appearing on BigCommerce website

Shipment confirmation email (optional)

BigCommerce offers an automatic shipping confirmation email to notify your customer that their order is on its way. Learn more

Inventory sync (optional)

If Amazon is the sole fulfillment option for the SKUs that you’ve mapped in the MCF app, we recommend turning on Inventory Sync to help prevent overselling. When Inventory Sync is turned on, MCF will periodically update the stock level for MCF fulfilled items with the current level. To do so, click on the settings tab in the Amazon MCF app, click Edit, and toggle the setting to the “On” position.

BigCommerce user guide screenshot - Inventory sync settings

Once activated, Inventory Sync will update your inventory levels in BigCommerce based on the Amazon MCF inventory levels for the SKUs you’ve mapped for fulfillment by MCF. This is recommended so that your customers see if a given product is out of stock before they’ve added it to their cart.

For this to work, all Products that are setup for fulfillment by MCF should be configured to track inventory. To check the status of an item, find the product details page in BigCommerce, choose “Inventory” from the sidebar, and ensure that the “Track Inventory” checkbox is on. If your product has multiple variants, you will also need to choose the “On the Variant level” radio button. Then scroll down to “Product Options” and click on “Variations” to ensure there is a unique value in the SKU field. Learn more about Inventory Tracking.

Limit Shipping Rates on orders over a certain amount

If you would like to limit the Shipping Rates for your customers at checkout, navigate to the “Settings” page and activate Amazon Shipping Rate Overrides.

screenshot of Amazon shipping rate overrides to only show shipping rates for certain order amounts


Why are the Amazon ship options not appearing in checkout?

Amazon shipping options will only appear at checkout if MCF can fulfill the entire order. If the order contains a BigCommerce SKU that is not mapped to an Amazon SKU, Amazon ship options will not appear. Likewise, if the order contains a BigCommerce SKU that has been mapped to an Amazon SKU but you do not have inventory available to fulfill the order, Amazon rates will not appear. If you have SKUs that will be fulfilled using a method other than Amazon MCF, you will need to configure a separate shipping rate that will appear in addition to Amazon Fulfillment.

SKUs with product-level free/flat-rate shipping enabled are not sent to shipping providers for quoting. If you wish to display free shipping in addition to Amazon shipping options, enable the rate at a store-level in the Shipping settings or the BigCommerce automatic promotions functionality (For example, provide an additional free shipping option for orders over $49)

Why didn’t Amazon fulfill my order?

Amazon only fulfills orders if your customer selects one of the Amazon shipping options (Standard, Expedited, or Priority) at checkout. If your customer selects another method but you would still like Amazon to fulfill the item, you can manually place an MCF order in Seller Central. If you do so, the tracking number will not update automatically in BigCommerce. Once the order has shipped, you can retrieve the tracking number in Seller Central and enter it in BigCommerce to update the order status and trigger the shipment confirmation email to your customer.

How can I track orders fulfilled by Amazon MCF?

When a product ships, Amazon MCF automatically updates the tracking number. You can find this on your orders dashboard in BigCommerce. Your customers can view tracking information in the shipment confirmation email they receive, if enabled (Learn more). When a tracking number has been added for every product in the order, the order status will update to “Fulfilled”


Questions? Email mcf-app-support@amazon.com.

This application is offered by a third-party service provider that is not affiliated with Amazon. The information we are providing on this page is solely testimonial. Use the information if you feel it is helpful.

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